The Complete Black Panthers Collection

The members of the revolutionary Black Panther party were the political descendants of Malcolm X and worked to put his philosophy into action. Founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, the organization was founded to put an end to police brutality in black neighborhoods. This new collection is the most complete collection of Black Panther material ever assembled. Included are video, audio and text files by Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Fred Hampton, H. Rap Brown, Eldridge Cleaver and more. This is the most complete collection of Black Panther material every assembled and is available ONLY through this site!

Video (12 Hours)

  • Black Panther Party – Power To the People (120 min)
  • Free Huey Rally (45 min)
  • History of Bloods and Crips in L.A (90 min)
  • How the FBI Sabotaged Black America (50 min)
  • Huey P. Newton – Prelude to Revolution (30 min)
  • Huey P. Newton with William F. Buckley Jr (5 min)
  • Kenya and the Mau Mau Revolution (50 min)
  • Robert Williams – Let It Burn (60 min)
  • The FBIs War on Black America (50 min)
  • The Murder of Fred Hampton (90 min)
  • The Story of Marcus Garvey (120 min)

Audio (32 Hours)

  • Black Panther Party Rally for Oakland
  • Bobby Seale Interview with Bob Avakian
  • Bobby Seale – Huey Newton Birthday Rally
  • Berkley Discussion to Free Fred Hampton
  • Charles Garry on Eldridge Cleaver
  • Bobby Hutton Funeral
  • Bobby Seale on Huey Newton
  • Bobby Seale and Eldridge Cleaver in Sacramento
  • Huey Newton Interview in Oakland
  • Kathleen Cleaver Interview
  • Huey Newton at Alameda County Jail
  • Cleaver Newton Seale on Police Raid
  • Eldridge Cleaver on Blacks in America
  • Yippie Rally in Berkeley – Eldridge Cleaver and Tom Hayden Elections
  • Eldridge Cleaver – The Last Speech
  • Free Breakfast KPFA interview
  • Hutton Park Rally – Angela Davis
  • Bobby Seale Interview from San Francisco Jail
  • Huey Newton interview from San Luis Obispo Prison
  • Huey Newton Freed from Jail
  • Jonathan Jackson Memorial
  • George Jackson and William Christmas Funeral
  • Soledad Brothers transfer to San Quentin
  • Eldridge Cleaver on Drug Culture
  • George Jackson Interview
  • Huey Newton on Vietnam
  • Discussion on Panthers in San Quentin
  • John Jackson Jr. and Angela Davis on George Jackson Murder
  • Bobby Seale on George Jackson
  • Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton at George Jackson Funeral
  • Attica Rebellion September
  • Huey Newton Funeral
  • Black Panther Party Rally – 1968
  • Black Panther Party 1968 Interview
  • Black Panther Party Conference
  • Black Panther Party Press Conference 1968
  • Black Panther Party Rally 1969
  • Bobby Hutton Funeral Speeches
  • Bobby Seale Interview From Jail
  • Bobby Seale At Free Huey Rally
  • Bobby Seale On Black Power
  • Bobby Seale On George Jackson
  • Blacks In America
  • Eldridge Cleaver On Timothy Leary
  • Eldridge Cleaver Speaking in San Francisco
  • Fred Hampton On Revolution
  • Rap Brown On Black Americans
  • Stokely Carmichael At Free Huey Rally

Other Files & Content

Text & Documents (300 pages)

  • Black Power by Huey P. Newton
  • Die Nigger Die by H. Rap Brown
  • Eldridge Cleaver Interview
  • Essays by Huey P. Newton
  • Fred Hampton Speech
  • George Jackson Interview
  • Huey P. Newton Interview
  • Huey P. Newton on the Church
  • Huey P. Newton Speech in Boston
  • Huey P. Newton Thesis – Revolutionary Suicide
  • Huey P. Newton vs. William F. Buckley
  • Huey P. Newton Interview 1968
  • Seize The Time by Bobby Seale
  • The Black Panther Ten Point Program
  • To Die For The People by Huey P. Newton
  • War Against The Panthers

FBI Files (6,791 pages)

  • The Black Panthers
  • Fred Hampton
  • “Black Extremist Organizations”

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